Degreases in depth without damaging the surface


Concentrated water-dilutable formulation detergent suitable for deep cleaning of various stone surfaces, including marble, granite, porcelain stoneware, terracotta, and concrete. RY NETA DEEP thoroughly degreases without affecting surfaces, even if they are glossy, and is particularly suited for matte or rough finishes. RY NETA DEEP can be used with manual tools or with floor cleaning machines or scrubber-dryers. It can be diluted with water according to specific needs and equipment. Controlled foam product.

Prepare the product at the recommended dilutions based on usage, then apply the solution to the surface to be cleaned and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterward, scrub with manual tools or with a single-disc machine with felt or bristle pads, and remove the removed dirt with a wet vacuum cleaner or cloth if necessary. Rinse if needed, and when using floor cleaning machines or pressure washers, follow the dilutions below.

The product must be diluted in water, as needed.


  • Concentrated, water-dilutable cleaning agent for the thorough cleaning of all floor surfaces;
  • It effectively dissolves grease, oil, foot traffic dirt, atmospheric dirt, smoke blackening and food stains;
  • Our cleaner degreases stone surfaces thoroughly without affecting them and is particularly suitable for matt and rough surfaces;
  • It can be diluted in water according to requirements and equipment. It is a product with controlled foam;
  • It is used on indoor and outdoor surfaces and on any type of stone material, terracotta, klinker, porcelain stoneware, both polished and matt.