Scented pH-neutral detergent


Neutral pH detergent suitable for routine cleaning of any type of surface.
It works without affecting surfaces and without leaving residues or streaks.
It is the ideal product for cleaning smooth and shiny surfaces.
RY DETER ECO acts delicately in cleaning polished, brushed and non-brushed marble
removes waxes present on terracotta, grit or other stone surfaces.
RY DETER ECO can be applied with accessories for manual use or with machines
washes floors depending on the type of surface to be cleaned. Dilute RY DETER ECO 10% with
water, applying it with a spray bottle or cotton cloth.


  • Concentrated, ecological, antibacterial, antistatic, pH 7 cleaner;
  • It gives a neat, clean and perfectly natural look to floors, walls and all surfaces on which it is applied;
  • Ideal as an end-of-work and pre-treatment cleaner on all acid-sensitive surfaces, or on shiny and delicate surfaces;
  • It is also suitable for use on all treated floors, both with breathable stain removers and on resinous wax emulsions used on cotto;
  • It is therefore recommended as a detergent for daily cleaning and maintenance as it leaves a uniform satin and glossy film on the surface;
  • Does not alter the colour of surfaces;
  • Does not affect wax or existing surfaces such as wood, glass, aluminium, steel and plastic laminates;
  • Pleasantly scented with essences of: Cedar, Lavender, Green tea, Forest green, Rose and Green apple;
  • Over 90% biodegradable.