Our history

Royal srl is a chemical manufacturer based in Bergamo, the northern part of Italy.

It started as a small reality in 2014, selling tools and discs for cutting and shaping concrete, glass, ceramic... until it became the reality it is now: a manufacturer that is expanding throughout the world and that also opened a business unit in Singapore. Adding the chemical consumables to their curriculum.

With its several year of experience on the field, Royal can provide a 360° coverage for all its customers' needs by studying hand to hand with the customer the processing and results they expect from the products.

Thanks to its R&D department, Royal is always studying new and improved solutions, like non-IMO and eco-friendly products. The R&D dept also helps the company with studying epoxy systems for big projects, as well as designing polyester resins for the industrial application in the composite filed.

Among the products range, many solutions can be found: Royal produces all types of mastic (epoxy, vinylester, polyester...) for gluing and repairing natural stone, quartz and ceramics. These are packed in various sizes and formats – tins and cartridges.

But it does not end there! Royal also produces surface treatments both for the ordinary and the extra-ordinary cleaning and maintenance – among these, kits ready and easy to use can be found.

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